The Battelle Memorial Institute

The Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle) is a private non-profit applied science and technology development company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. A strong partner in building tomorrow’s technology workforce , Battelle is leading the Ohio STEM Learning Network in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Big Picture

This international network of schools generates and sustains innovative, personalized schools that work in tandem with the real world of the greater community, where authentic and relevant learning takes place.


Buck Institute for Education (BIE)

The Buck Institute for Education is a non-profit, research and development organization dedicated to improving the practice of teaching and the process of learning, with special focus on project-based learning. The BIE Project Based Learning Handbook is valuable resource designed to guide, support and coach middle and high school teachers as they conceive, plan, and conduct projects.


High Tech High

High Tech High (HTH) began in 2000 as a single charter high school launched by a coalition of San Diego business leaders and educators. It has evolved into a school development organization with a growing portfolio of innovative, STEM-focused charter schools spanning grades K-12. HTH’s substantial and frequently updated web resources provide rich examples of interdisciplinary instruction, STEM preparation, and small school innovation.

For compelling project examples, visit:


National High School Alliance

An extensive partnership of educational and advocacy organizations, the HS alliance seeks to foster “high academic achievement, closing the achievement gap, and promoting civic and personal growth among all youth in our high schools and communities.” For an overview of national STEM initiatives, visit:


New Tech Foundation

Based on successes of its Napa, CA, flagship school, the New Tech Foundation demonstrates innovative delivery of STEM programs through rigorous, standards-based, project learning implemented in a one-to-one computer-student environment. New Tech’s mission is to re-invent teaching and learning for the 21st Century by offering a proven model and a fully integrated suite of tools designed to facilitate the creation and management of a relevant and engaging 21st Century education.


North Carolina New Schools Project

The North Carolina New Schools Project (NCNSP) works to accelerate systemic, sustainable innovation in secondary schools across the state so that, in time, every high school in North Carolina graduates every student ready for college, careers and life in the society and economy of the 21st century.

Click the following link to download a 61kb pdf list of North Carolina Stem High School Redesign Planning Sites. (See attachment B at the bottom of the page):


Ohio STEM Learning Network 

The Ohio STEM Learning Network, a partnership of agencies and organizations aimed at building STEM teaching and learning capacity, offers a thorough review of initiatives at national, state and regional levels.


Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Formed in 2002 as a joint effort between the US Department of Education and leading high tech companies, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills seeks to “Serve as a catalyst to position 21st century skills at the center of US K-12 education by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders.”


STEM Education Caucus

The STEM Education Caucus was created as a forum for members of congress to promote STEM education and workforce development. The caucus serves as a forum for vetting new legislative proposals and circulating information on budgets, existing legislation, and proposed agency programs that concern STEM education. The caucus website contains STEM talking points, reports, and updates on current legislation.


The STEM Education Coalition

The STEM Education Coalition works to support STEM programs for teachers and students at the U. S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies that offer STEM related programs.  The coalition is composed of advocates from over 600 diverse groups representing all sectors of the technological workforce — from knowledge workers, to educators, to scientists, engineers, and technicians.


TIES Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM.

TIES seeks to provide an array of school support that focuses on teaching and learning for students in STEM disciplines. TIES recognizes the importance of high school design and professional development for all teachers in an effort to improve the character of science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching for students regardless of grade level.


The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative (T-STEM)

An initiative of the Texas High School Project (THSP), T-STEM is helping to create and offer technical assistance to a growing number of innovative and successful science, engineering, technology, and math schools throughout the state of Texas.


University of Washington Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Resources

Offers a rich compendium of publications promote the success of individuals with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) academic programs and careers.