Whom we serve

We work with school systems, architects, Gates grantees, and other supporting foundations. We provide an exemplary level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and research on best practices to connect instructional design and architecture. We work with:

  • Groups committed to asking complex questions about how to prepare all students for college, work, and citizenship
  • Leaders who believe that all students can achieve at high levels if schools provide the opportunity, tools, and support
  • Stakeholders wanting to build capacity throughout their system, not just in the top levels of the organization
  • Communities interested in closing the achievement gap and ensuring equity of outcomes for all students
We know that the students that are harmed the most by attending large impersonal schools tend to be the kids whose primary language is not English, racial and ethnic minorities and students from poverty backgrounds. Unfortunately those are the same kids who tend to be primarily concentrated in large impersonal schools. What that means is that if we were deliberately trying to give young people a bad school experience, we couldn’t do it much more effectively than the way we are doing it now. (Kathleen Cotton, Educational Researcher).