American Architectural Foundation

The American Architectural Foundation (AAF) works to educate the public about the power of architecture to improve the lives of individuals and of communities. AAF's Great Schools By Design national initiative seeks to engage stakeholders (superintendents, architects, facilities planners, teachers, students, and community members) in order to create schools that both support student achievement and serve as centers of community. Architects of Achievement's Victoria Bergsagel participated in the initiative's first National Summit on School Design in October 2005.


Annenberg Institute for School Reform

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University promotes and advocates the serious redesign of American schooling, especially in urban communities and in schools serving underserved children. This site provides research, publications, and videos related to school standards and accountability, professional development, and public engagement.


Big Picture Company

The Big Picture Company "design(s) break-through public schools, research and replicate new designs for education, train(s) educators to serve as leaders in their schools and communities, and actively engage(s) the public as participants and decision makers in the education of our youth." The One Building at a Time area of their website to read more about the philosophy and design principles that support their work.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses its education investments in two primary areas: creating more small high schools and reducing financial barriers to higher education. The foundation is helping large, troubled high schools transform themselves into smaller, more personalized learning environments, while at the same time funding the replication of successful small-school models.


Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has joined with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to commit $60 million to Schools for a New Society, a five-year initiative to reinvigorate efforts to improve 85 comprehensive high schools in seven cities - Boston, Chattanooga, Houston, Providence, Sacramento, San Diego, and Worcester. In each city, there are broad-based school-community partnerships that include school, community, university, philanthropic, and business leaders.


Center for Collaborative Education

The mission of the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) is to improve student learning in K-12 public schools and districts by promoting educational reform focused on school and system-wide change. CCE provides coaching, professional development, advocacy, and research in order to be a resource and catalyst toward the creation of small autonomous, democratic, equitable schools.


Center on Reinventing Public Education

Seeking to impact policy and decision making in K-12 education, the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) conducts research, produces tools and guides, and develops new ideas and models on emerging educational issues. CRPE's Doing Choice Right project explores the challenges that face communities considering a choice system and offers models to address them.


Coalition of Essential Schools

The Coalition is a network of schools that aim to increase student achievement by supporting redesign of curriculum, instruction and assessment. This site will connect you with regional centers, Essential Schools around the country and their best practices for the classroom and school structure. Check out the Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools to learn about the Oakland Small School Initiative, including the Incubator for New Small Schools.


The Forum for Youth Investment

A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, The Forum is dedicated to helping communities and the nation ensure that all young people are ready for work, college, and life. The Forum provides youth and adult leaders with the information, technical assistance, training, network support, and partnership opportunities needed to increase the quality and quantity of youth investment and youth involvement.


Jobs for the Future

A non-profit research, consulting, and advocacy organization that believes that all young people should have a quality high school and postsecondary education, and that all adults should have the skills needed to hold jobs that pay enough to support a family. This website offers reports, resources and tools on high school redesign and how to create powerful effective learning environments inside and outside the school building, school day and school year.


KnowledgeWorks Foundation

The largest educational philanthropy in the state of Ohio, this organization provides funding and leadership for education initiatives throughout Ohio and is working to create partnerships that will produce measurably better educational results throughout the state. Their website shares information on educational reform, community engagement and facilities design.


National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities

Created in 1997 by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF) provides information on planning, designing, funding, building, improving, and maintaining safe, healthy, high performance schools.


National School Reform Faculty

This professional development initiative is focused on increased student achievement through developing collegial relationships, encouraging reflective practice, and rethinking leadership in restructuring schools. A major component of NSRF is the Critical Friends Group. More than 5,000 educators across the country are currently active in the NSRF network.


New Visions for Public Schools

As the largest education reform organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in New York City's public schools, New Visions works with schools, parents, community groups, and civic leaders from the public and private sectors to create and sustain theme-oriented, small learning communities that have high attendance, retention and graduation rates.


North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

One of 10 regional educational laboratories funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) provides research-based resources to educators, policymakers, and community members in seven midwestern states. One such tool are its Viewpoints multimedia packages which contain audio CDs and accompanying text. Small By Design: Resizing America's High Schools (Viewpoints Vol. 7) provides a variety of perspectives from national experts involved in small school development; its various tools are created for those involved in or considering a small school design project.


Rural and Community Trust

This national nonprofit organization addresses the crucial relationship between good schools and thriving rural communities. Working in some of the poorest, most challenging rural places, the Rural Trust involves young people in learning linked to their communities, improves the quality of teaching and school leadership, advocates for appropriate state educational policies, and addresses the critical issue of funding for rural schools.


School Redesign Network

The School Redesign Network, located at Stanford University, provides resources to support the creation of successful small schools. This site includes in-depth information on Linda Darling-Hammond’s Ten Features of Effective Schools, as well as offering tools, processes and video resources to inform and assist in school improvement efforts.


Smaller Learning Communities Program

This competitive federal grant program was developed to help large high schools create smaller, more personalized, learning communities. The grants help high schools with 1,000 or more students plan, develop, and implement strategies that personalize the learning environment for students.


Small Schools Project

The University of Washington Small Schools Project provides a range of services that includes operating a coaches’ collaborative to provide technical assistance during the design and implementation phases of reform efforts, creating web-based materials and tools, convening conferences for small schools leaders, teachers and community members, publishing newsletters and reports focused on small schools, and working with charter school partners in collaboration with the Northwest Schools Incubator located at the Center for Reinventing Public Education. Architects of Achievement partners with the Project to help schools deal with the space and programming issues associated with developing good small schools.


Small Schools Workshop

The Workshop provides guidance and professional development to public schools and school districts engaged in restructuring and whole school improvement. This web site includes "8 Steps to Creating a Small School" as well as research materials, book recommendations, and articles related to small schools. Small Schools Workshop Northwest was founded in October 2000 at Lewis and Clark College to support the growing small schools movement in the Northwest.


Sound Out is an online resource center designed to promote meaningful student involvement in school change. It provides a variety of tools for students and educators to create inclusive, constructive, and effective opportunities for students to learn from and participate in school change activities.


What Kids Can Do

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, this non-profit organization captures the extraordinary work and voices of ordinary students from around the country. The organization is at the intersection of the education reform and youth development fields, documenting and analyzing the best work from both fields as examples of “powerful learning with public purpose.” Student Learning in Small Schools: An Online Portfolio captures student learning in four small schools including an overview of each school, a day in the life, student and mentor interviews, student work samples, and school forms and reports.