Adults, like children, learn best through inquiry-based learning. One of the most effective ways for educators and administrators to envision the successful implementation of Small Learning Communities (SLCs) is to participate in study tours. Such tours expose visitors to exemplary sites and can provide opportunities to meet with administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Inevitably, study tours raise new questions as teams inquire from a variety of perspectives. The following will help ensure a meaningful study tour experience:
How to get the most out of a site visit


Study tour guides

Guiding Questions for Visitations These questions are for those looking at schools through a facilities lens. They are based on Redesigning Schools: What Matters and What Works (2002) by Linda Darling-Hammond.
Visitation Questions (pdf)

What to look for when visiting a school

Prepared by the Small School's Project, this document offers a series of questions for a general visitation.
What To Look For (pdf)

Capturing evidence and artifacts from school visits to share with others

Stanford's School Redesign Network offers a tool to assist in the gathering of knowledge and materials from school visits to support the sharing of the experience with colleagues upon return.
Capturing Evidence(pdf)